EP1: #WAGMI or #NGMI: DAObts and Hope for Humanity

Will web3 save us? We’ll dive into the aptly named #WAGMI, “we’re all gonna make it”, consider the potential of DAOs, and take a look at why we’re NGMI, “not gonna make it”.

Welcome to the In Service of Life Podcast

A sensemaking podcast dedicated to exploring nature & technology and to imagining new stories in service of regenerating our connection to soul, place, and our innate human potential.

From psychospiritual practices, wisdom traditions, and art to blockchain, systems theory, and business, we’ll take an interdisciplinary dive into the emergent edge of personal healing and cultural evolution.

We’ll play with context and myths, push the boundaries of our awareness and constraints, search for signals of the future, and earnestly seek to orient towards that which creates more wholeness, vitality, viability, and evolution.

Meet Your Host

Evan Carr In Service of LIfe

Hi! I’m your host, Evan Carr, and I’ve become convinced that before we can take the actions necessary to meet our ecological, social, and economic crises we must first evolve ourselves at the level of our being and thinking.

Over the years, I’ve iterated a series of questions centered around my core values and arrived at: In Service Of What? In Service of Life is my answer, and in podcast form, a forum for wandering together in the field of sensemaking how to act during this pivotal moment in history.